How To Properly Refinish A Bathtub

One of the most common household tasks is to clean the bathtub to remove dirt next to bacteria and fungi that are sometimes invisible to the eye.

It is paradoxical to have to clean a cabin that we use to shower or wash specific parts of our body, such as the navel.

As in other rooms such as the kitchen, the bathtub has to be cleaned frequently as it is easy to come into contact with infections such as toenail fungus, very common in swimming pools and public toilets.

Remove Mold From The Bathtub

If you have reached this point, it is because the toilet accumulates moisture that meets the water after finishing a shower or simply because the bathtub has not been disinfected frequently.

How To Remove Mold And Fungus From The Bathtub

The accumulation of mold almost always goes hand in hand with the proliferation of fungi, and in fact, it creates an ideal climate for them to reproduce like gunpowder.

Surely you have found bathtubs and shower trays with black remains like the one in the picture, an unpleasant situation that does not invite anything other than running away.

In other cases, rust also appears, especially in the rails of the bath screen (if we have one) or in the joints of the bathroom tiles.

The rust should not appear if a cleaning routine is created, and the remains of water are removed after each shower.

The main problem with mold, fungus, and rust is none other than moisture, so pay attention to clean your bathtub and feel safe in every shower.

If you are lucky enough to live in a country with dry weather, you will have no problem ventilating the toilet even if you do not have a window, leaving the door open and ventilating the house daily would suffice.

For humid and tropical climates, this situation is complicated because no matter how much you ventilate, nature will ensure that your bathtub is never completely dry.

Tricks To Clean The Bathtub

Whatever the severity of dirt in your bath, we recommend you follow a cleaning routine that begins by attacking the most serious dirt.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

It is the best-known mixture for cleaning, disinfecting, and unblocking pipes and dirt, a natural trick, and without the toxic components of the bleach.

Ideal for attacking mold and fungus spread baking soda throughout the bathtub and then soak with vinegar.

Leave on for a few minutes and rub with the part of the scourer that does not scratch. For areas with rust or a lot of dirt, use a nanny with great care not to scratch the enameled steel.

Ammonia Or Bleach

Two cleaning products that should never be mixed because of their high toxic content. By themselves, they should be used in a ventilated environment and without being exposed to them for long periods of time.

Before cleaning with these products, protect your hands with gloves and your airways with a handkerchief or a reusable mask.

With a scourer and ammonia, rub the entire bathtub and rinse with the showerhead. Bleach can be used in the last step to disinfect, following the same step.

If you feel a smell that does not give off in your airways, leave the bathroom and go to an open space or a ventilated place, a few more minutes could cause poisoning.

Salt And Vinegar

The ideal mixture to remove the scale of the bathtub, it is as simple as pouring the mixture and leave a few minutes before cleaning the entire bathtub.

Steps To Clean The Tub

The cleaning of the bathtub can be done in a short time since it is about spraying the specific products, rubbing and rinsing with the artichoke.

For difficult stains, rust or mold, the indicated products should be applied and left to act for a few minutes before the general cleaning of the entire bathtub. The process can be repeated if the spots do not disappear.

Clean The Shower Tray

The shower tray is usually made of materials similar to the bathtub, if you think it requires a specific product, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.